Dental Therapy Centre

The Dental Therapy Centre is a FREE Government Funded Service.

The West Byford Dental Therapy Centre is open Monday - Friday HOURS 8:15am - 4:15pm

Contact Number 9550 6006

The Clinic is staffed by the following Team:

Area Dental Officer: Suzette McMahon

Acting Dental Officer: Xin Hui Loh

Dental Therapist: Kay Meyer

Dental Clinic Assistant: Chantelle Parsons (Tuesday-Friday)

Dental Clinic Assistant: Harinder (Monday Only)

Children are eligible for dental treatment from Pre-Primary to Year 11.

Dental enrolment forms are issued at the beginning of the school year to all the newly enrolled school students. It is the Parents/Carers responsibility to complete the dental forms and return it to the Dental Therapy Centre.  It is not compulsory to enrol your child with us. The Centre operates on a recall system. When your child is due for a recall, an appointment letter will be posted to your home address. (Please ensure that you contact us if any of your details change)

It is the responsibility of the parent to bring your child to the allocated dental appointments. If your child requires further dental treatment, you can then give written permission to the dental staff to collect your child on your behalf, from class. If your child develops dental issues between recalls, please contact the Dental Therapy Centre directly for an appointment. Should an emergency arise after clinic hours or during Public Holidays please contact the emergency service on 9325 3452 or your local practitioner.