Staff of West Byford PS will establish a vibrant, dynamic school culture that focuses on whole school approaches and student performance. They will work collaboratively in learning teams and contribute to a culture of sharing and collegiate support. All staff will be encouraged to foster innovation and work in areas of strength.

Staff will all be expected to commit to whole school approaches and policies; integrate ICT into classroom programs, and employ direct instruction of specific skills needed for student success in Numeracy and Literacy. In return, staff will receive strong administration support that enables them to concentrate on teaching.

Our fellow Administration staff are listed below:

Principal - Noelene Mason

Deputy Principal - Brian Abbey

Deputy Principal - Ana Guerreiro

Deputy Principal - Katelyn Smith 

Manager Corporate Services - Danielle Meyn

School Officer - Tash Gaden

School Officer - Chantelle Lehman

School Officer - Megan Pollard

School Officer - Tina Scotchford

Library Officer - Julie Rose

Teachers and their classrooms are as follows:

Gecko Block/ECE Area

T2 Kindy - Possums - Carrie Ellery

T3 Kindy - Bandicoots - Abbey Schokker 

T3 Kindy - Joeys - Ashleigh Baxter

T4 Kindy - Echidnas/Wombats - Ebonie Ancliffe

G1 Pre Primary - Jaime Hewett

G2 Pre Primary - Alice Fairweather

G3 Pre Primary - Sarah Hindle

G4 Pre Primary - Lucinda Powell

G5 Pre Primary/Year 1 - Chantelle Branley

Cockatoo Block

C1 Year 1 - Larissa Elms

C2 Year 1 - Emily Buckby

C3 Year 1 - Kylie Brennan

C4 Year 1 - Lisa Clark 

Chuditch Block

CH1 Year 1/2 - Sanya Simonji

CH2 Year 2 - Megan Meldrum

CH3 Year 2 - Samuel Wybrow

CH4 Year 2 - Kiera Giacomelli

Dugite Block

D1 Year 3 - Judy Fildes/Kirsten Percy

D2 - Science Room

D3 Year 4 - Iris Klein

D4 - Visual Arts Room

The Village

T5 Year 3 - Charlotte Kennedy

T6 Year 4 - Carol Bailey/Rebecca Wishart

T7 Year 4 - Helen Wilmot/Skye Morris

T8 Year 4/5 - Verity Medwin/Kimberly Houston

T9 - PE & Health 

T10 - Mandarin

T11 Year 5 - Bhawna Nayyar

T12 Year 5 - Joanne Williams

T15 Year 2 - Cam Tran

T16 Year 3 - Eilish Cole

T17 Year 3 - Stefan Williamson

Quenda Block 

Q1 Year 6 - Hayley Panizza

Q2 Year 6 - Liam Parkinson

Q3 Year 6 - Megan O'Driscoll

Q4 Year 5/6 - Chloe Scardetta

DOTT Providing and Specialist Teachers:

Rachel Dunn

Lauren Hollett

Kimberly Houston

Karis Hyland

Harpreet Kaur

Christine Mitchell

PE/Health Teacher - Alexandra Stumpf

PE/Health Teacher - Danielle Bastick

Performing Arts Teacher - Nicole George

Visual Arts Teacher - Rebecca Larkin

Science Teacher - Ethan Zachary

Mandarin Teacher - Florence Fitzgerald

EAL/D - Judith Fildes

Our lovely team of Education Assistants are as follows:

Andrea Bergersen

Anika Boothey

Claire Chanter

Samantha Croot

Samantha Dennison

Carly Gschwendtner

Lindley Hoskin

Azelle Keyter

Jodie Knox

Rebecca Lilleyman

Pina Longden

Marieke Marshall

Laura McCagh

Teagan McCaigue

Carly Prattley

Joshua Scardetta

Hannah Scott

Jacinda Smith

Peta Vegvari

Our other wonderful support staff are:

Chaplain - Ashley Finnigan

Psychologist - Brittany McCarthy

Psychologist - Kelly Tartano

Gardener - Ken Kelly

Head Cleaner - Jan Kelly

Head Cleaner - Sharon Rykers

Cleaner - Jocelyn Droogan

Cleaner - Rishallyn Gonzales

Cleaner - Donnal Hayden

Cleaner - Cristina Lomma

Cleaner - Marilyn Magsakay

Cleaner - Jessica Jokudu