Information for Parents

At West Byford Primary School, we aim to meet the needs of the community and thrive on working in partnership with you to ensure that your child receives a quality education, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Our staff are professional, hardworking and demonstrate high standards and a commitment to our students and school. Staff work collaboratively to deliver a common approach to remote learning across year levels; continuing to prioritise Literacy, Numeracy, whilst acknowledging and rewarding students who are dedicated to achieving their best.  

Our students engage in curriculum that teaches explicit skills, promotes creativity, and is authentic and personalised to suit each individual’s needs. Through remote learning, we endeavour to empower our students to be self-directed learners; promoting responsibility, ownership, accountability and leadership.

To assist your child to be successful remote learners, it is important to continue the normal daily structures and routines in a transparent way. The remote learning program design includes the bulk of information through the school’s website, utilising a WBPS weekly timetable as a guide and weekly work packages. Class Dojo, our school’s communication device, is used for direct communication to parents, to check-in, as a feedback tool to students, to deliver updates through the Class Story page, personalised learning through the Portfolio function and as a platform for students to submit their work. Technical Support is available to assist you.

Your child’s wellbeing is our priority and is fundamental to their learning. It is recognised, that continuity of learning may assist with student wellbeing. To support your child, we encourage you to proactively remain connected to the school and access our Wellbeing and Engagement services if in need. Together, we will ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

For parents of young children, research shows the most effective strategies for family-led learning at home, which may vary by age group, include:

  1. Believing in your child’s potential.

  2. Reading together.

  3. Talking with your child and supporting them to develop positive relationships, including responding appropriately to negative experiences they may encounter.

  4. Learning together, including engagement in everyday activities such as cooking and spending time learning as a family.

  5. Creating a positive environment, that is, providing your child with a dedicated space and time for learning, having the same rules as the school about learning, and ensuring parent-child interactions around learning are positive.

Together, we will ensure that your child reaches their full potential.


LET’S GET STARTED - with six simple steps!

  1. Click on your child’s year level.
  2. Click on the weekly timetable to preview the week’s activities.  
  3. Click on the daily lesson plan to preview the day’s activities.  
  4. Work through the daily lesson plan and resources.
  5. Keep in contact with your classroom teacher through Class Dojo.
  6. Have fun, persevere and encourage each other to stay on TRACK!